With Kirsten Loots at Sun Valley Stables. It is very important to watch the horse walk away from you and back towards you. Some horses are more developed on the one side or feet are unevenly shod or they have unusual conformation by watching the horse we can see how the horse will influence the balance of the saddle and if remedial re-flocking needs to be done to keep rider in balance.


Katie and Karen Keller. Again this is the only way you can determine if the horse is symmetrical (very few are) and what steps need to be taken to ensure balance and fit for the horse and rider

Selecting suitable saddles and discussing the fit of the saddle with Kirsten Loots at Sun Valley stables

The input of your instructor, physio or vet is important – wherever possible we will work with them. Siobhan and Kirsten Loots of Sun Valley stables watching Sylvia Dixon on Watertside Welsh Luanna a lipizzaner x welsh bred by Kirsten – this pony has won many competitions and as you can see here the saddle is a perfect fit.

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