Are insects and the sun’s rays troubling your horse’s eyes in summer? Sometimes these issues can lead to unpleasant eye problems that can require treatment.

Tackle the situation before it develops with a fly mask designed especially for horses and ponies needing eye protection for longer periods of time outside.

You need a mask that’s effective and comfortable. Equilibrium’s Field Relief mask blocks 70% of UV rays and keeps out biting insects, including midges. It’s tough on summer issues while keeping a gentle touch on your horse’s face.

Here’s how. The mask uses two types of fabric, a stiffer mesh on the upper part that stands well clear of the horse’s delicate ears and eyelashes, and a softer mesh on the lower chin and cheek. The material keeps the horse’s head well-ventilated. They can see clearly and carry on grazing happily without being bothered by insects getting under the mask, either.

That’s thanks to the lightweight elasticated binding that rests closely, yet very softly, on the horse’s sensitive face, keeping biting nuisances out.

The mask secures with adjustable fastenings behind the ears and under the cheeks, so you can get the best fit for your horse. Plus, additional padding on brow and under the noseband makes this an exceptionally comfortable mask to wear for them to wear for long periods.